A deep-water fishing excursion, most enjoyed by those with experience with our other bottom fishing trips. Because of the depth needed for this fishery, it is often necessary to fish in a “rotation” to prevent massive line entanglements.
The season begins in May and is on certain days specified by WDFW. The target is one Halibut and two Ling cod or rockfish. This fishery is set on a quota basis and if weather limits our fishing on the designated days, WDFW will offer other days to make up for lost fishing days. These are typically offered in June.
We fish between 400 – 700 feet of water. On average, Halibut weigh around 22 lbs. but it is not uncommon to have fish on board that are over 35 lbs. These trips are longer than our nearshore fishing trips and return to port between 4 and 6 pm. This varies based on catch rate, distance to the fishing grounds and weather.
Departs : AT 4.00 AM
Season Starts: May 2nd – 30th, 2024 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays only
Target: (1) Halibut and (2) Lingcod
Pricing: 6-Man $502, Big Boat $387
Remember to:

Check in with the office the morning of or prior, office hours are early a.m. for boat departures and again 10a.m – 6pm; be on board promptly.. 321 E DOCK STREET, WESTPORT, WA


Offering a variety of Pacific coast species; all gear provided.

Whale Watching

Not offered but there’s always a chance to spot one.


All boats have inside seating. Dress warm & bring rain gear.

Fishing License

A one-day license can be purchased in the office prior to boarding.

Military Discount

Active duty and veterans, thank you for your service.


Free designated parking available, two blocks away.

Let’s Go Fishing!

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