Albacore Tuna Fishing Trips

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What time do you leave?

We depart between 7:00 pm and midnight on 1-1⁄2 and 2-day trips.
• We depart at 3:15 am on 1-day trips. 1-day trips return by 5:00PM.
• 1-1⁄2 Day trips return between midnight and 3 am.
• 2-day trips return at 4:00 pm on the third day unless you fill the fish hold to capacity
the first day. In that case, you will return early. Trips scheduled to go out beyond 65
miles (or unexpected changes in weather conditions) may not have time to fish the a.m.
bite on the last day (on the 2-day trips), this is strictly at the skipper’s discretion. You
will board the boat the evening before your trip date. Check in at the office no later
than 6:00 PM

What should I bring?

• Food/Beverages: We recommend that you bring food on the simple side. All vessels
are equipped with microwaves, toasters and/or stoves. Coffee and water are provided
(water is not bottled).
Food Coolers are fine, but please leave the larger coolers for your fish in your vehicle.
• Full Rain gear is a must. This is a bloody fishery, you’ll be happy you brought full
• Sleeping: Each vessel has sleeping space for their maximum number of anglers. Bring
a sleeping bag and pillow.
• Sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves and a pair of clippers or “multi-purpose” tool. Be sure
to double check that you’ve gathered all your belongings when departing the vessel.

What is the limit?

There is no limit, but average catch can range between 7 and 15 fish per person on
overnight trips and is also determined by how big the fish hold is on each individual
boat. The catch is equally shared.

What kind of tackle do you use?

We use 7-foot stout butt, light tip rods such as Shimano Trivalla, 25# test pink andi line
& #2, 3 & 4 hooks. If you are bringing your own gear, please follow these guidelines. NO

How big are they?

The average weight is 15 to 20 pounds. However, it is not uncommon to have a couple
fish on board over 35 pounds.

How far out do you go?
Tuna trips normally run off-shore 40 to 80 miles.
What kind of bait do you use?
We troll jigs and chum with live bait.